+1 Club

Band :
Title : +1 Club
Release Date : January 27, 2017
Format : CD

Apathetic to gravity, irregular maker of sound Dr. Wylie melds bodies of hip-hop to drum & bass, and then pushes them off cliffs of crescendos with wings made out of arpeggios. His unique style is constantly chasing his audio envy of Amon Tobin and Square Pusher, but never quite showing up to the same track.

Reclused to his basement headquarters beneath the coldest major city in the U.S. (Twin Cities), Wylie took the past winter off from assembling mixtapes for Toussaint Morrison, and concocted his own project via Kickstarter, +1 Club. Now, delivered to all backing parties, the evil audio dealer makes his debut EP release to the public. +1 Club debuts two new music videos, a complete series of audio-motion videos made by director Adam J. Dunn, and a beat that pulses into the linear distance of what seems like forever.